Tractor Auction, Truck Auctions, Trailer Auction, and Heavy Equipment Auction.
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AuctionTime Makes It Quick & Easy

Whether you need to list individual pieces or an entire equipment package,’s vast network of experienced, trusted auctioneers stand ready to help you sell for top dollar. Your customized solution can include retail, wholesale, and/or auction exposure, and—most importantly—extensive advertising weeks ahead of the sale to provide the best possible return.

Proven Profitability consistently brings auction values higher than any other auction platform.

Here are some examples of the industries we serve:

Here's How It Works!

Asset Valuation
Auctioneers start by obtaining a highly accurate asset valuation of your equipment, based on the massive store of real-time listing, transactional, and market health data behind FleetEvaluator. Auctioneers can valuate a single piece or a whole package instantly. The valuations help AuctionTime sellers know whether each asset is best-suited for Sandhills’ retail, wholesale, or auction platforms.

Customize Your Plan
AuctionTime sellers tailor your liquidation plan to meet your requirements. With flexible and simple solutions to get your equipment sold at retail, wholesale, or auction, it’s easy for auctioneers to sell your equipment when and where it needs to be sold—on terms you decide.

Sell Quicker & For More
Looking to get the best possible return? AuctionTime sellers can offer an automated plan that targets buyers across all of Sandhills’ specialty markets like,, and These straightforward global marketplaces connect auctioneers with interested buyers to sell your equipment for the highest profit.

Primed For Auction
Equipment not sold through retail or wholesale avenues rolls directly to AuctionTime. The auctioneer handles the details (photos, videos, specs, and online listings), works with bidders ahead of the sale, and manages the transaction. As soon as the asset sells, you get paid. Auctions are held every Wednesday, so you’re never waiting for local, live auctions.

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Take advantage of AuctionTime for yourself. Call (800) 334-7443 to find a local auctioneer or view the list of auctioneers in your area on