Liebherr LR 1800 Crawler Crane Builds Renewable Energy Infrastructure In North Rhine-Westphalia

The Liebherr LR 1800 can reach a 663-foot maximum height under hook and achieve a 498-ft radius. (Photo courtesy of Liebherr.)

Crane manufacturer Liebherr has sold a massive new LR 1800-1.0 lattice boom crawler crane to industrial construction firm Colonia Spezialfahrzeuge of Cologne, Germany. Billed as the most powerful crawler crane on the market, the 880-ton (800-metric-ton) machine started its career assembling turbines at a wind farm in North Rhine-Westphalia, far to the east of the city of Essen.

Hoisting Wind Turbines

It took approximately 70 vehicles to transport Colonia’s new crane components to the site. The configuration of the LR 1800-1.0 for the job was tailor-made for work on wind power projects.

The new crane’s task was to finish four new Enercon wind turbines whose towers had been set up with help from an LTM 11200-9.1 mobile crane, also made by Liebherr. Each 4.2-megawatt turbine has a hub height of 525 feet (160 metres) and a rotor diameter of 453 ft (138 m). The new crane had to place loads weighing up to 98 tons (89 mt) with high precision, and did so with a 561-ft (171-m) main boom and a 39-ft (12-m) jib.

Besides industrial installation work, Colonia is also involved in heavy haulage logistics and towing. Its future plans for the new Liebherr 1800-1.0 include industry and plant construction, along with bridge work.

“We bought the full version of the crane, and in addition to the wind power equipment, we have various main boom versions and a set-up configuration with a luffing jib available. That enables us to carry out major industrial work or hoist bridges,” says Colonia Sales Manager Thomas Reuther. “The crane is 100% variable and can be used in many different areas.”

A giant 880-ton Liebherr LR 1800 lattice boom crawler crane helped to assemble four Enercon wind turbines in Germany. (Photo courtesy of Liebherr.)

The Liebherr 1800-1.0

The big 1800-1.0 crawler crane has a lightweight/heavyweight main boom that can be extended up to 590 ft (180 m). With additional components it can reach a 663-ft (202-m) maximum height under hook and achieve a 498-ft (152-m) radius. It is powered by a 610-horsepower (455-kilowatt) eight-cylinder diesel made by Liebherr.

The LR 1800-1.0’s carrier and superstructure measure 36 feet, 1 inch (11 m) wide and 58 ft, 9 in (17.9 m) in length including its tail swing. It has a broad variety of boom and jib combinations, including a 127-ft (39-m) derrick, a heavy luffing fly jib, and suspended ballast V-frame configurations. The crane supports up to 198,400 lbs (90 mt) of central ballast, 507,000 lbs (230 mt) of counterweight at its superstructure, and up to 882,000 lbs (400 mt) of derrick ballast.

The machine’s tilting cabin features thermally insulating glass—bulletproof in the case of the roof window—as well as air conditioning and two-color displays for the four-camera system. Three four-way joysticks and a pair of two-way hand/foot levers provide independent control over all of the crane’s movements.

Source: Liebherr

Posted On July 31, 2020
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Liebherr LR 1800 Crawler Crane Builds Renewable Energy Infrastructure In North Rhine-Westphalia
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